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Our Process

Fast, Friendly, & Efficient

From pre-construction design and permits to landscaping and final closeout, LaFaye Contracting Inc. has a team of professionals that can help you take your project from conception to completion.


Pre Construction Phase

The pre-construction is central to the success of every project. Assisting with project feasibility factors, cost vs. design analysis and conceptual design study and evaluation is amongst the expertise of our team. We develop a thorough process of understanding your goals, scope of the project, outline a strategy and assemble a dedicated team to get the project done in time and within budget.


Quality Control

It starts from the initial project kick-off phase where the build team starts to work or break ground. Our detail oriented on-site staff are aware of every detail of the job to ensure the quality of the job is maintained throughout the work. Whether it's at the foundation phase, waterproofing or finishing details, it requires and eye for detail

Construction Site Managers


Project Scheduling and Timelines

Drafting a real-time construction schedule that makes sense and facilitates the main objectives of the project. It’s an important task that we perform here at LaFaye Contracting Inc. to insure on time delivery of the project



Maintaining full communication with the clients, design team and all parties involved at all times lead a high level of project success. Effective communication is vital to the overall success and completion of construction projects. Good communication can help lead to better project collaboration. Lack of proper communication can result in issues that can cause delays and be avoided.



Every project that we build is fully under LaFaye Contracting Inc. professional on site superintendents and Project management team on a daily basis. We are proactive and in control of every project. Ensuring the project is being built on time and according to the plans and specifications. We will provide you with a better construction experience from the ground up



Project inspections vary from job to job depending on the nature of the project. Whether it’s a City Inspection or a deputy inspection that needs to take place, our field staff are present to address any questions or coordinate any scopes necessary to ensure the inspection goes smoothly and takes place as scheduled.

Contractor performing an inspection on a home in the construction phase
The New House



Understanding and implementing site safety is our number one (1) priority, and one we take very seriously at LaFaye Contracting Inc. We consistently train and emphasize on maintaining safety measures on our job sites to eliminate any risk of injury or accidents. Safety is the number one concern and everyone's responsibility  at our job sites.  If you are on one of our job sites, You are not only responsible for your own safety, but the safety of those around you as well.


Solutions & Troubleshooting

Problems and issues may and will, always come up. The way they are handled, and the poise they are handled with, is what matters. Our teams immediately wrap their minds and attention around the project. Thereby focusing all of our resources on the issue, in order to rectify it immediately, in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. While working with the design team and/or our build team, the issue will be remedied effectively and successfully.


Insurances and Bond

LaFaye Contracting Inc. ensures that the work in progress is under proper insurance and bonding coverages. Providing adequate insurance for the project adds to the surety of the job and so the owners can rest assured.


Project Close Out

We ensure owners receive all necessary close outs for the project for any future needs. Any manuals, or product data needed for the job. There will be a close-out packet including but not limited to; all owner's manuals, commissioning's, warranties, Inspections and Engineers reports, As-built plans and Certificate of Occupancy.



We provide a solid warranty for every project along with the manufacturer and labor warranties on every build. Providing our owners, the insurance needed for their job. Building a quality project with proper insurances and backups provide certainty for our clients. 

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